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FIN-Gate specializes in providing accounting and financial services, which are based on knowledge, experience, client’s confidence and reliability.

Fin-Gate is not only tax settlement. We share our knowledge in finance, accounting and taxes so that our clients’ tax settlements, their form of activity as well as the decision making process are optimized.

FIN-GATE provides:


comprehensive bookkeeping

business plans

revenue and expense ledger


flat (lump sum) rate bookkeeping

bank loans and other funding

human resources and payroll, settlements with ZUS

business valuation

Accounting Services

We work with sole proprietors, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, stock companies.

FinGate provides services for clients with:

comprehensive bookkeeping,

revenue and expense ledger,

flat (lump sum) rate bookkeeping.



  • Keeping accounting books in compliance with the regulations,
  • Providing explanations regarding tax issues related to accounting books kept,
  • Verification of correctness of documents in formal, accounting and fiscal terms,
  • Participation in tax and fiscal controls and acting as the Client’s representative,
  • Regarding Value Added Tax (VAT): keeping records required by law, including purchase and sales registers, preparing monthly tax declarations,
  • Solving tax problems on a current basis,
  • Co-operation with auditors,
  • Contact with tax authorities during the preparation of relevant tax declaration forms, explanatory correspondence,
  • Restructuring company’s accounting books, making corrections if necessary,
  • Preparation of financial statements, monthly, quarterly, yearly for institutions like banks, tax office, lessors etc.
  • Preparation, depending on the Client’s needs, of reports necessary for management,
Human Resources and Payroll
  • Keeping personnel files,
  • Preparing employees contracts, according to labor and civil law,
  • Preparation of payroll taking into account tax settlements, payroll reports and payslips,
  • Preparation of monthly individual pay information for employees,
  • Registering, making changes and unregistering employees in ZUS (polish social insurance system),
  • Annual tax calculation for Client’s employees,
  • Preparation of monthly declarations and sending them to (ZUS) and National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON)

Finance Consulting

  • Finance consulting and making services leading to obtaining equity (credits, funds from new investors etc),
  • Preparation of all documents, statements and applications required by leasing companies, banks, other institutions,
  • Assistance in negotiating terms and conditions of agreements with financial institutions,
  • Preparation of business plans and financial forecasts,
  • Assistance in the creation and development of the company strategy,
  • Assistance in restructuring assets,
  • Due diligence of new partners, companies.


We are preparing trainings in accounting and finance, e.g.:

  • Finance for non–financiers,
  • Anti-money laundering,
  • Building of Business Plans
  • Budgeting,
  • Assets and liability management in an enterprise
  • Finance analysis.


FIN-Gate specializes in providing accounting and financial services, which are based on knowledge, experience, client’s confidence and reliability.



Al. Starych Lip 16, 05-806 Komorów


+48 606 44 22 14





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