Accounting Services

Accounting Services

We work with sole proprietors, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, stock companies.

FinGate provides services for clients with:

comprehensive bookkeeping,

revenue and expense ledger,

flat (lump sum) rate bookkeeping.



  • Keeping accounting books in compliance with the regulations,
  • Providing explanations regarding tax issues related to accounting books kept,
  • Verification of correctness of documents in formal, accounting and fiscal terms,
  • Participation in tax and fiscal controls and acting as the Client’s representative,
  • Regarding Value Added Tax (VAT): keeping records required by law, including purchase and sales registers, preparing monthly tax declarations,
  • Solving tax problems on a current basis,
  • Co-operation with auditors,
  • Contact with tax authorities during the preparation of relevant tax declaration forms, explanatory correspondence,
  • Restructuring company’s accounting books, making corrections if necessary,
  • Preparation of financial statements, monthly, quarterly, yearly for institutions like banks, tax office, lessors etc.
  • Preparation, depending on the Client’s needs, of reports necessary for management,

Services for Individuals


  • Help with refunding VAT from building materials invoices,
  • Assistance in annual personal income tax settlement


FIN-Gate specializes in providing accounting and financial services, which are based on knowledge, experience, client’s confidence and reliability.



Al. Starych Lip 16, 05-806 Komorów


+48 606 44 22 14





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